For any project selecting the right project team is essential. At DBI, we recognize that supporting our clients in selecting their development team early on in the process is crucial to the success of the project.

Ground Up Project


A Ground Up project involves planning and implementing construction starting at the beginning stages of a brand new building through to completion. Beyond design, architecture and engineering, this project model increases to include civil engineering, structural engineering, and landscape architecture. It requires a cohesive approach from an entire team of carefully selected individual contributors.

Tenant Improvement Project


A TI project allows for the tenant to customize the alterations of the inside of an existing building that they own or are leasing to satisfy their specific needs and allows for collaboration of the interior construction partners. Design and sometimes architecture collaboration are necessary for this type of project.



Whether a Ground Up or a Tenant Improvement, a Design-Build project combines the design and construction services into a single contract between the project owner and the contractor. The benefit of Design-Build is faster delivery, lower cost and less administrative work due to working with one entity versus several.

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